Frequently Asked Questions!

Where is ARC?

Our office is located at CU Denver's counseling clinic; however, our availability to meet many people face-to-face is small due to privacy and HIPAA concerns. The best way to connect with our members is at our recovery meetings and events, and the best way to connect with staff is through email or attending recovery meetings and events.


Do you have recovery housing?

Although we don’t currently offer sober housing options on campus, we have members that are currently in living arrangements together and we have members that have attended sober living. Ask one of our members for more information on possible living arrangements with other sober roommates, or look into Oxford House, Sobriety House, Mile High Sober Living, or Monarch Sober Living.

How do I get involved with ARC?

Feel free to drop by at one of our weekly recovery meetings or regularly occurring events. Also, feel free to give us an email. Whatever your path, you are welcome here.

What can I expect from attending All Recovery Meetings?

You will find a safe space to share, listen and connect with others who share the recovery lifestyle. All pathways to recovery are welcome and discussed. Our connection to each other is imperative and we place importance on inclusive support and creating events where we can socialize and increase our connection to each other.

What are the requirements for participation?

The only requirement for membership is the desire to live a recovery lifestyle or to support those in recovery as an ally.

What if someone needs one-on-one substance use counseling?

Please refer to the counseling clinic for more information on finding a therapist. 

What if someone is interested or just curious about recovery?

You are welcome here! 

Is ARC free?


Who can participate in ARC?

Our meetings and events are open to students from the Community College of Denver, University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver.

I’m an ally, how can I become more involved/show my support?


Join us at our meetings, host a workshop, offer yourself as a sponsor/guide to a member. There are many service opportunities available!


Also, ARC is available to take donations. To support, click here.

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