Auraria Recovery Community (ARC) is the first tri-institutional recovery program of its kind, serving the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Community College of Denver, all located on the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver. ARC is currently housed in the CU Denver Student and Community Counseling Center; we plan to become our own independent office in the future, after securing substantial sustainable funding and a dedicated space. ARC began as a small group of students and faculty mentors discussing goals, hopes, and the need for community on our campus over pizza in Fall 2018. We are now considered a small-sized collegiate recovery program.


 Currently, members of ARC host weekly All Recovery meetings, officer and leadership meetings, and twice a semester social events. At this time, ARC does not have sober living for students, but is working to create a plan to create a Recovery wing in a new campus dormitory within the next 2-5 years. As a recent recipient of a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, ARC is working to plan and host monthly workshops focused on rotating recovery-support topics and a campus-wide Recovery Ally Training initiative over the next two years. Our overarching goal is to support students who are interested in seeking support and community within their recovery journey.

ARC has dedicated staff members including a Program Coordinator, Graduate Assistant, Program Administrator, and Staff Supervisor. ARC is also supported by a committee of 6 advisory representatives from all three colleges and universities on the Auraria Campus. Students who identify as being in recovery and/or as an ally can join ARC. At this time, we do not have any formal requirements for joining ARC events beyond being interested or curious about recovery.

Future ARC Goals/Initiatives


Trainings & Workshops

Peer Mentorship Program

Campus-wide Recovery Ally Training

Sober Living

Established Space on campus

Paid part-time employee positions for students in recovery

Student Organizations

ARC - CU Denver Chapter

ARC - MSU Denver Chapter

ARC - CCD Chapter 

ARC has established student organizations at each of the three schools it serves in order to encourage student participation, build student leadership skills, and increase collaboration.

ways you can donate 

ARC is now available to take donations. To support, go to: giving.cu.edu/arc

We appreciate you!

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