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college pathways to success

Are you in recovery?  Do you want a college education?  Auraria Recovery Community has partnered with the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) to help you get enrolled on the Auraria Campus* as easily and affordably as possible.

support from the Educational Opportunity Center

The EOC can support your educational journey in a number of ways:

1. Provide free application assistance and navigation of the enrollment process

2. Review and submission of applications

3. Help with studying for the GED

4. Financial Aid and scholarship support

5. Assisting with identifying a major and registering for appropriate classes

6. Guidance with writing application essays and completing criminal background questions

7. Career exploration

contacting EOC for support

You can call the EOC at 303-352-8476 or e-mail to schedule a free appointment.  We would love it if you let them know that you were referred by Auraria Recovery Community.


Additionally, you can reach out to Auraria Recovery Community for support and we would be happy to help!

* Auraria Campus is comprised of Community College of Denver, MSU Denver and CU Denver.

More info in our video below!

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