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Auraria Recovery Community (ARC) is the first tri-institutional recovery program of its kind, serving the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Community College of Denver, all located on the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver. ARC began as a small group of students and staff discussing goals, hopes, and the need for a community for people in recovery on our campus over pizza in Fall 2018. We are now considered a small-sized collegiate recovery program, offering a variety of free and accessible services.


Our overarching goal is to support students who are interested in seeking support and community within their recovery journey. We define recovery as broadly as possible. While the majority of our members are recovering from substance misuse, many of our members primarily struggled with mental illness or process addictions. We do not have any formal requirements for joining ARC events beyond being interested or curious about recovery.


We value all pathways to recovery, and welcome all people of all lifestyles to our community. We believe in the tremendous healing powers of community and fun, and invite you to join us in the journey of recovery!

Image by Chang Duong
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